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Boca Raton Wedding | Melissa + Nico

If you do not believe in fate, then you’ll be sure to after reading Melissa and Nico’s love story below. On their wedding day they had their first look at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Their ceremony was held at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Roman Catholic Church. Then, their reception was at The Addison.  Some unique aspects of their day included a sparkler lit first dance and also during the father-daughter dance Melissa’s dad passed a soccer ball off to Nico to represent him giving her away (read below to see how fate even brought them together on the same youth soccer team). Also be sure to watch their highlight video at the bottom by Anchor Weddings.

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Melissa explains: We met through mutual friends going into high school over the summer before entering ninth grade in 2003. Although we did not go to the same elementary and middle schools, we were friends with many of the same neighborhood kids through sports or through different activities. Luckily for us, we both ended up in the same high school. Thank goodness we did! It must have been fate!
We always got along and were friends throughout high school and became great friends our Junior year. We realized how much we cared for each other and decided to turn our friendship into something more. On August 13, 2006, we began dating and naturally became each other’s high school sweethearts.

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Not too long after that, during a soccer game, Corky (Nico’s Dad) noticed a guy in the concession stand that looked familiar to him but he could not figure out where he knew him from – that guy was Paul (Melissa’s Dad). It must have been fate!
So, we all started discussing how we knew each other…
It turns out we played on the same soccer team, called the Swarming Bees when we were 4 years old! After talking about it we looked for and found a picture of the team and we are catty-corner from one another. It must have been fate!

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Flash forward to Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013.

The Proposal:
Christmas is Melissa’s favorite holiday and she enjoys this time of year. She finds it a very special time with family and friends and Nico decided the best Christmas present he could give Melissa and himself would be a ring and a lifelong commitment.
That night, Melissa walked in the door with her family thinking she was late (they were stalling) for a game they were going to play and noticed people standing by the door. She thought they were all just getting ready to play the game and then her father moved from in front of her and Nico was on one knee in front of the Christmas tree.
He asked, She said YES!
They were surrounded with most of their closest friends and family all there to share it with them! It was perfect! Melissa really got her Saint Nick!”

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Thanks to all the other vendors of their day:

Videographer: Anchor Weddings

Dress: Mariolka’s Bridal Boutique

Hair & Makeup: Kiss This Makeup

Florist: Dalsimer Atlas Floral & Event Decorators

Cake: Sugar Chef

DJ: Chris Molinari Elite Entertainment

Photo Booth: Fotoboyz Photo Booth

Transportation: Molly’s Trolleys


Please enjoy their cinematic highlight video courtesy of Anchor Weddings:

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