Delray Beach Marriott Wedding | Dana + Ryan

Delray Beach Marriott Wedding Photography

Dana and Ryan’s Delray Beach Marriott wedding was truly beautiful.  Their wedding inspiration was “timeless romance” with colors black and champagne throughout the decor. First, they got ready at the Delray Beach Marriott.  Then they held their wedding ceremony nearby at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach.  Finally, their reception was back at the Delray Beach Marriott to finish the night out with a live band and a unique evening treat from Donut Divas, where they made the donuts right in front of the guests (now that’s fresh)!

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About the Bride: “Fun, sporty, and loves to be outdoors! From New Jersey, so don’t expect there to ever be a dull moment, or any lack of energy. I love spending time with friends, family, and my better half (Ryan), and making every moment count. I’m learning that it’s the little things that matter most, and you have to live with the decisions you make every day, so make the ones that give you a good nights sleep, every night. Life is too short to take a back seat, and it’s okay to take some detours, because those often leave the best memories. I am very lucky person- I have amazing, supportive people in my life, and with a little bit of my hard work determination, I know I will always achieve whatever I put my mind to.”


About the Groom: “Hockey, other sports, hockey, video games, hockey, lol. Ice runs in his veins. I’ve never met such a passionate person, and sports truly helped mold who he is. He is very determined, disciplined, committed, and won’t quit, even once the buzzer rings, he is always doing something to better himself in the “off season” of daily routines. He is an inspiration to everyone around him, and a genuine leader. When he makes a promise or commitment, he goes above and beyond to deliver. He is loving, caring, hard working, and competitive- always making the people around him better. I know that no one is perfect, and this may be cliche, but he is perfect for me in every way, shape, and form, and I am so happy to call him my husband.”


About the Couple: “We are very competitive and passionate people, to say the least. We enjoy pushing one another, because it only makes us stronger. We often say that we are the same person; we have the same likes, and both of us know how to work hard and set goals. We are always looking forward in life, and in our relationship, and trying to learn from the people and places around us. We love sports, food, animals, things that make us laugh, and we love each other… very much. We know one another inside and out, and would do anything for each other. We have a bond that will never be broken, and a love that will never fade.”


Their LOVE Story: “Ryan is from Florida, and I’m from New Jersey, and in the summer of 2009 we both were getting ready to start new lives in college. I had made an early decision to attend Johnson & Wales University (JWU) in Providence, RI to pursue a career in Sports Reporting. Ryan was committed to a school in New Hampshire for hockey, and last minute found out the team had over committed players. Ryan does not like the game of chance, and decided to make rush calls to previous coaches that had connections to colleges in the area. Ryan was directed to JWU, and with some extra paperwork, and a few phone calls, he was officially going to become a Wildcat. We both happened to attend the same orientation class that summer, and were seated next to one another in a seminar of hundreds of people. He wore MY #17 on a necklace, which sparked our first argument on who the number truly belonged to. The weekend went on, and we became inseparable. The time came to say goodbye, and I went back to NJ, and he to FL. We kept in contact through the summer via skype, and long phone calls (our parents were really excited to get their phone bills each month). Only physically meeting one another once, but speaking everyday that summer, lead to a long distance relationship. By the end of the summer, it was time for Ryan to drive to Providence from Florida, and by some stroke of luck (catching my parents on a good day), they agreed to let this kid stay over on his way to college. He met my family, and instantly became a part of it. I knew then, that he would be my husband someday. We moved into school, and for four years, made it through parties, living with others, homework, classes, exams and a college kid diet/budget. We made the decision to move closer to his family in Florida (because who doesn’t want to live in paradise?), and the rest is history!”



Thanks to all the vendors of their day:

Venue- Brittnee Monti, Delray Beach Marriott

Day of Planner- Laurie Caradonna

Florist- Dalsimer Atlas

Dress- James Clifford, Boca Raton Bridal

Hair & Makeup- NSpa, Delray Beach Marriott

Invitations- DM Events & Design

Lighting- Elegant Occasions

Band- Rock With U

Cake- The Diva-Licious Cake House

Donut Treat- Donut Divas

Videographer- EOC Films


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