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Flagler Museum Wedding | Gabriela + Chris

The historic 1902 Whitehall Mansion, better know as the Flagler Museum, has always been an awesome place to visit and tour. This prominent landmark of Palm Beach is also a superb venue for weddings! We were so thrilled to team up with the Fabuluxe team to be a part of this awesome event! Gabriela and Chris first held their ceremony at the beautiful St. Ann Catholic Church in downtown West Palm Beach before heading over to the Flagler Estate for portraits and an elegant night of dinner and dancing.

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About the Bride: Gabriela grew up in San Salvador in El Salvador. She attended the British School in San Salvador, singing the British national anthem on many mornings, and her early years were surrounded by her loving family and close friends. Gabriela moved to the US at the age of 18 to study Business and Economics at George Maddison University in Virginia, and also studied for year at the Sorbonne in Paris. Studying abroad and living internationally had always been a goal for Gabriela, and today she is fluent in French, Spanish and English, with a working knoweldge of Italian. After university Gabriela worked for several years in Washington DC for Deloitte and the World Bank, but yearned to work in London, a dream that she eventually achieved in 2008. After many fun years enjoying single life in London, she first met Chris in 2012 with their romance blossoming from early 2013 onwards. Today she lives in Notting Hill, in a small mews house with Chris, works at Barclays Private Bank, and has many varied interests outside of work including supporting the childrens charity the NSPCC, enjoying all that the cultural scene in London has to offer, getting to know and appreciating the English countryside, exploring Europe when she can, and being thankful for the life she enjoys.

Flagler Museum Wedding_0001 Flagler Museum Wedding_0002 Flagler Museum Wedding_0003 Flagler Museum Wedding_0004 Flagler Museum Wedding_0005 Flagler Museum Wedding_0006 Flagler Museum Wedding_0007 Flagler Museum Wedding_0008 Flagler Museum Wedding_0009 Flagler Museum Wedding_0010 Flagler Museum Wedding_0011 Flagler Museum Wedding_0012

About the Groom: Chris grew up in a small English countryside town, and spent his early years aiming to be an international sportsman of distinction. After realizing this was unlikely, he switched to hoarding and digesting books. He left to study PPE at Oxford University when he was 18, spending a happy three years enjoying student life and the academic challenge. After university he spent a couple of years working in London as a management consultant, before heading to the US to study for an MBA at Harvard Business School. His two years in America were an enriching time for Chris, and he built up a wide circle of US based friends. After graduating, he returned to London and has spent the last five years working in private equity. Living in Notting Hill, he eventually discovered his Julia Roberts when he met Gabriela, and rapidly convinced himself that Gabriela would be his partner for life. Today, alongside the demands of work, he is on the board of an education charity and an international NGO. He loves sports, the English countryside, travel and continues to hoard a wide collection of books.

Flagler Museum Wedding_0013 Flagler Museum Wedding_0014 Flagler Museum Wedding_0015 Flagler Museum Wedding_0016 Flagler Museum Wedding_0017 Flagler Museum Wedding_0018 Flagler Museum Wedding_0019 Flagler Museum Wedding_0020 Flagler Museum Wedding_0021 Flagler Museum Wedding_0023 Flagler Museum Wedding_0022 Flagler Museum Wedding_0024 Flagler Museum Wedding_0025 Flagler Museum Wedding_0026 Flagler Museum Wedding_0027

About the Couple: Gabriela and Chris first met at the end of 2012, in a Notting Hill restaurant, through a mutual friend. However, Gabriela was introduced as the “wife” of Chris’ friend (who had recently married and Chris had not been able to attend the wedding) and so other than embarrasing Chris when he wished Gabriela goodbye and a long life with his friend, it was not until 2013 when they first went on a “date” together. There followed a number of dates, and the eventual realization that they were meant for each other. After nearly two years of going out, Chris asked Gabriela to marry him on a gondola in Venice. After some shock, Gabriela agreed.

Flagler Museum Wedding_0030 Flagler Museum Wedding_0028 Flagler Museum Wedding_0029 Flagler Museum Wedding_0031 Flagler Museum Wedding_0032 Flagler Museum Wedding_0034 Flagler Museum Wedding_0033 Flagler Museum Wedding_0035 Flagler Museum Wedding_0036

Wedding Inspiration: An evening focused on the spirit of the 1920s when life for Flagler and his friends was easy and the living was good. Coffee had become the key source of wealth of El Salvador and the pan-American highway was to start connecting Central America to its neighbours both North and South; and when England, traumatized by one war, was confident that the old order had been restored and the world was full of promise and wealth once again.


Flagler Museum Wedding_0054 Flagler Museum Wedding_0055 Flagler Museum Wedding_0056 Flagler Museum Wedding_0057 Flagler Museum Wedding_0058 Flagler Museum Wedding_0059 Flagler Museum Wedding_0060 Flagler Museum Wedding_0061 Flagler Museum Wedding_0062 Flagler Museum Wedding_0063What’s Next? After the wedding, Chris and Gabriela returned to London, and then after a couple of months planned to enjoy their honeymoon to Burma, Thailand and Malaysia.

Flagler Museum Wedding_0064 Flagler Museum Wedding_0065 Flagler Museum Wedding_0068 Flagler Museum Wedding_0067


Thank you to all the other vendors of their day:

Planner- Jennifer from Fabuluxe Events

Catering- C’est Si Bon

Florist- Touch of Paradise

Band- Rock With U

Hair- Air Bar

Decor- Atlas Party Rental

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