Hilton West Palm Beach Wedding | Tiffany + Mario

Tiffany and Mario had an elegant, modern wedding using colors silver, lilac and ivory throughout their decor. The Hilton West Palm Beach was the most gorgeous venue to host their entire day, from getting ready, to the ceremony, and the reception. They were even published in Discover the Palm Beaches’ Wedding & Honeymoon Guide Magazine!



Wedding Inspiration: We are a simple couple, so we wanted a simple but elegant wedding. That is why there is lots of ivory throughout the wedding. When we were looking for ideas of set up’s, tree’s and modern looks were all we were drawn to, so we tried to take pieces of everything we liked to create something very special of our own.





About the Bride: Tiffany was born in Morristown, New Jersey, and moved to Port Saint Lucie, FL when she was 4 years old. “I pretty much call Florida my home.” Favorite Movies: Something Borrowed, Time Travelers Wife, Blair Witch Project, Dear John, A Walk To Remember, Valentines Day, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Crash.




About the Groom: Mario was born in Fort Pierce, Florida, moved around a lot as a kid, and eventually ended up in Port St. Lucie, Florida not too far from his starting point. Favorite Movies: John Wick, Transformers, Pulp Fiction, and anything with Ninja’s in it!




About the Couple: I wouldn’t say what we have is special or different, I’d say it’s rare. Much like the rare Painite Gem, we are not a couple you find everyday. We started off as friends, although we dated in between, we have even moved, we have always come back to each other, and we have always moved together. No matter what, he is not just my husband, he is truly my best friend, and that is not something I just say, that is something I truly feel. After 13 years of being in each other’s lives, there is nothing that life hasn’t handed us that we haven’t been able to overcome together, and I don’t foresee that ever changing as long as we are together.




The Proposal: It was a frozen moment in time that I will never forget!  It was my birthday August 29th, 2015, and with that I was secretly sent to the nail salon without any clue of a near proposal on the horizon that day. I assumed he was being the sweet boyfriend, he was sending me off for a relaxing pedi & mani first thing in the morning because we had plans later that day to attend a “Birthday Dinner Celebration” at the Cheesecake Factory with his mom. While I was there, I had received a few texts if I was almost done, not thinking much of it at the time, I just assumed him & my step son Levi were anxious to surprise me with birthday presents upon my arrival back home. When I returned home, I had a few wrapped presents sitting on the living room couch. Mario & Levi were just ear to ear smiles, anxiously handing me each present, and being impatient with my unwrapping skills as if me taking too long was killing them (now I know why LOL)! I opened my last present which was a pair of Nike flip flops from Levi, and smiled, hugged him, and as I turned to start cleaning up the destruction of wrapping paper and mess I created, Levi & Mario both said “Wait you have one more gift…” as Levi ran out of sight into the hallway and then back with a piece of paper in his hand. At this point my focus was so much on Levi, I hadn’t even realized what or where Mario had gone (who was behind me preparing himself to get on one knee). Levi handed me the letter and told me “you have to read this letter out loud, you can’t turn around, and your not allowed to look anywhere but at me”. He just stood in front of me the entire time with the biggest smile on his face. As I read the first couple of lines I of course immediately had tears running down my face. The very last line of the letter told me to turn around…and there the absolute love of my life was, on one bended knee, with a beautiful diamond ring in one hand as he asked “Will you Marry Me?” At this point I won’t lie, the shock and overwhelming joy that burst through my heart, I was completely ugly crying as I could hear Levi in the background laughing and carrying on with excitement. I had almost forgotten to say the best answer I have ever given in my life to him & to Levi which was “YES”!!!!!!!!!! Everything immediately after that is a bit of a blur, I was so incredibly happy for this moment, and so incredibly thankful and blessed to know from that point forward we were about to give up every “I”, “You”, “Him & Her”, “Girlfriend & Boyfriend”, “My Dad’s Girlfriend”, for “We”, “Us”, “Husband & Wife”, “Stepmom”, Till death do us part…I have his heart, and he has mine.




Thanks to all the vendors of their day:

Wedding Planner: Jennifer with  Fabuluxe Events

Venue and Catering:  Chiara from Hilton West Palm Beach

Videography: Anchor Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Staci from Christie Lopez Makeup

Bride’s Dress: Kenneth Winston from Molle Bridals

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches

Groom & Groomsmen attire: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Johnson’s Custom Cakes

Florist & Lighting: JM Event Productions

DJ: DJ Matt from Kenny Mondo Productions 

Officiant: Ceremonies with Cynthia

Invitations: Inspirations by Amie Lee

Photo Booth: Eventz Photo Booth


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