Marfa Workshop | Clayton Austin Love Stories

We recently took a trip down to Marfa Texas for a film and styling workshop with photographer Clayton Austin. We spent 4 days in the dessert at El Cosmico where we soon learned things like tarantulas are frequent, the weather changes quickly, and the sun setting in Texas is amazing. The absolute best light possible (from a photography standpoint of course) its warm and soft and you can shoot for a long time in open areas without harsh shadows or sweating to death.

Another huge thing we learned was film photography. We have shot a few things on 35mm but we had the opportunity to shoot medium format film, more precisely a Pentax 645nii (thanks Belinda for letting us shoot your gear!!!!) with Kodak Porta 400 film. Belinda at The FIND Lab was an amazingly huge help in the transition from digital to film in a brief amount of time. We have to say, the results were amazing to us. The following pics are all film from the Pentax and we think we may be a tad bit in love. These are some scans sent to us and there has been no editing, just a little bit of sharpening. The color, contrast, white balance has all been left exactly as shot. As soon as we have some time we will do a full post with digital shots we took as well as the film. Enjoy!


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