Marge + Bob Quig | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

I had the distinct pleasure to capture something most people only dream about, 50 years of marriage. 50 years of waking up and falling in love all over again each and every day. 50 years of incredible journeys together with that one person who you couldn’t live without. Marge and Bob are an incredible couple, its not very often I write about my clients but this is special. I can’t honestly say that there were not points in the night when I didn’t myself get choked up a little when they would share stories of their lifelong journeys. I can’t say that looking through these images when I got home and seeing the absolute love on their faces didn’t make me a little teary eyed with happiness also. I can only hope and pray that my own marriage anniversary will one day be captured by someone 48 years from now. To Bob and Marge, thank you, thank you for showing everyone it IS possible to be in love forever!

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