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Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Wedding | Kursten + Ryan

Kursten and Ryan had a very small, intimate wedding at the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa.  They were inspired to have a relaxing beach wedding at the same place Kursten works as a pastry chef (she even made her own s’mores wedding cake)! Though it rained during their ceremony on the beach, it is still a beautiful gathering they will cherish memories of forever.

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About the Bride: Kursten is a pastry chef. She enjoys baking and eating everything she makes. She likes going to Disney World and exploring new places. She enjoys spending time with her dog, cat and fish.

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About the Groom: Ryan is an electrician. He enjoys going to the library, watching movies and learning about different cultures. He also enjoys hanging out with his pets. Ryan is also very proud of his garden outside where he grows a variety of fruits and herbs.



About the Couple: Kursten and Ryan both like to explore new places on foot. They also like going to new restaurants and trying a variety of foods. They enjoy spending time together, no matter what they are doing. Kursten and Ryan enjoy cooking dinner together and spending time with their dog, Mina, and kitten, Poptart.

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Their LOVE Story: Kursten and Ryan met 6 years ago at Barnes and Noble where they worked in the cafe together. What started out as a friendly trip to the movies turned into the relationship they have today. They have stuck with each other through a lot of ups and downs which have only made their relationship stronger.

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What’s Next?: Kursten and Ryan plan to pay off their debts and then travel around the United States. Hopefully, moving into a house soon after that.

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Thanks to all their vendors:

Venue Coordinator: Kathy from Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa

Florist: Gerilyn Gianna Event & Floral Design

Hair & Makeup: Ivy & Lace Hair and Make up

Band: Bill Porter Music

Chair Rental: Atlas Party Rentals

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